Optidrive Eco Energy Saving Drive

Energy efficient, accurate control of motors on fan and pump applications

Optidrive Eco Variable Frequency Drives provide efficient, reliable and quiet control of motors for HVAC and pumping applications. Designed to provide maximum operating efficiency whilst minimising environmental impact, Optidrive Eco offers unrivalled performance and flexibility, whilst meeting the key standards and requirements of demanding applications.

Packed full of application specific features for pumps, including:

  • Optiflow technology for multiple pump control
  • In-built PID controller
  • Pump staging cascade control
  • Pump protection features such as Pump blockage detect / clear, Dry run protection, Motor preheat function and Pump stir cycle
  • Advanced standby and sleep modes for energy saving

Plus advanced fan control features:

  • BACnet and Modbus RTU on board as standard
  • Energy optimisation
  • Noise reduction
  • Fire override mode
  • Multiple fan operation

Part Numbers:

ODV-3-220043-1F1                    ODV-3-440460-3F1
ODV-3-220070-1F1                    ODV-3-540610-3F1
ODV-3-220105-1F1                    ODV-3-540720-3F1
ODV-3-240022-3F1                    ODV-3-540900-3F1
ODV-3-240041-3F1                    ODV-3-641100-3F1
ODV-3-240058-3F1                    ODV-3-641500-3F1
ODV-3-240095-3F1                    ODV-3-641800-3F1
ODV-3-340140-3F1                    ODV-3-742020-3F1
ODV-3-340180-3F1                    ODV-3-742400-3F1
ODV-3-340240-3F1                    ODV-3-743020-3F1
ODV-3-440300-3F1                    ODV-3-843700-3F1
ODV-3-440390-3F1                    ODV-3-844500-3F1

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