T-T Electric LAK 2000 DC Motor Range

Outputs up to
20 kW (26 HP)

Frame sizes 80-132

2 poles

Various cooling options

Foot & Flange mount options


  • Fully laminated stator, main poles and interpoles.
  • Low induced voltage due to well proportioned ratio between length and diameter of armature.
  • Low bar to bar voltage ensures good commutation.
  • Large thermal masses (copper and steel weight) give high thermal time constant.
  • Well designed end frames and louvres ensure easy inspection and reduce noise.
  • NDE spigots and stub shafts as standard to accept adaptors for all well known makes of tachometers and pulse generators.
  • High efficiency through low field losses and well proportioned airgap between armature and stator.
  • Minimal brush and commutator wear due to good commutation.
  • 1-phase thyristor supply without external inductance saves price and space.
  • Excellent short time overload characteristics which allow choice of smaller motor in many cases.
  • Designed for high armature voltages as standard.
  • High mechanical and electrical flexibility.
  • Painting with excellent corrosion resistant properties.
  • Conforms with IEC, BS and VDE standards.
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