FC301 & FC302 Industrial Drive

The VLT® AutomationDrive represents a single drive concept that controls the entire range of operations from ordinary to servo like applications on any machine or production line. The modular open-technology platform on which the VLT® AutomationDrive is built, makes it exceptionally adaptable and programmable.

Its configurable and user-friendly interface supports local languages and letters. The VLT® AutomationDrive series offer an intelligent plug-and-play technology and unmatched reliability making drive operation pure child’s play.

0.25 – 37 kW (200 – 240 V)
0.37 – 800 kW (380 – 500 V)
0.75 – 75 KW (525 – 600V)
1.1 kW – 1.4 MW (525 – 690V)

The drive meets requirements for enclosure class IP 20/Chassis. Optional IP21/NEMA 1, IP55/NEMA 12, IP 54/NEMA12 or IP66 NEMA 4x.

Smart logic controller
The VLT® AutomationDrive features logic control functions and a sequence control based on events and actions.

The VLT® AutomationDrive comes standard with the safe stop functionality suitable for category 3 installations according to EN 954-1. This feature prevents the drive from starting unintended.

Part Numbers:

FC302P1K1                    131B0040
FC302P1K5                    131B0041
FC302P2K2                    131B0042
FC302P4K0                    131B1152
FC302P5K5                    131B1155
FC302P7K5                    131B1864
FC302P11K                    131B4574
FC302P15K                    131B4576
FC302P22K                    131B1978
FC302P30K                    131B1980
FC302P37K                    131B1546
VLT5000                            131B1547
131B0036                        131B1874
131B0037                        131B1875