Backlash Free Servo Couplings

Zero backlash couplings are designed for unrivalled performance and expertise in motion control applications. Giving you complete resistance to vibration and shock, zero backlash coupling is the must have coupling for applications which need precision in your motion control.

Zero backlash couplings maintain the same relationship between the input and output shaft without any lost motion. With a low windup, the coupling gives precise motion control and accuracy without any positioning errors.

Product features

  • Backlash-free, vibration-reducing jaw-type coupling
  • Axial plug-in
  • Maintenance-free
  • Electrically isolating
  • Failsafe
  • Torques from 0.2 to 5,850 Nm
  • Ambient temperatures from -50° C to +150° C possible (dependent on spider)
  • Couplings for machine tools, automation, power transmission, medical technology, packaging technology

ROTEX® GS is a three-part coupling, backlash-free under pre-stress. The different hub designs and the different Shore hardnesses offer the optimal coupling for each application in automation engineering. In spite of its vibration-damping characteristics it is torsionally stiff so that it is not necessary to make any concessions to accuracy even with highly dynamic servo drives. The ROTEX GS works with the modular system; a high variety of different hub designs is available which can be combined within one coupling size.