energy saving solutions

Massive Cost Savings

Energy costs are rising dramatically and this trend is set to continue with many sites having seen their energy costs more than double in the last few years.

The largest immediate savings for many companies are most likely to be found with the motors driving centrifugal pump and fan units. These operate against a set of affinity laws which dictate how throughput volume, system pressure, absorbed power and noise vary with the speed of the fan or pump impeller. These are variable torque units and by reducing the motor speed by 20% this will yield a 50% reduction in energy consumption and a greatly reduced noise level. Consider the fact that a pump or fan that runs 24 hours a day all year round will use well over 10 times its purchase cost in electricity every year!

In most systems, the motor on the pump or fan is already oversized as a result of many factors such as seasonal and daily highs and lows in air conditioning systems and general over-specification. This means the system seldom runs at full output. Also, damping and throttling methods are commonly used to control fan and pump throughput which, although are cheap initially, do little to reduce the energy absorbed. The key point is to open the valve fully and reduce the motor speed to give the same result in performance but at a considerable reduction in energy consumption.


VSDs yield up to 50% energy savings

Inverter drives are the solution and they can be easily installed to give full motor speed control. They can be incorporated into existing control systems or work on a stand alone basis. They can run with a simple manual speed control from a potentiometer or closed loop with feedback signals from pressure, temperature or flow signals to maintain a constant pre-set level depending upon the demand on the system.

The size of the pump or fan is not the critical factor with regard to energy saving it is the duty cycle of the unit. Any pump or fan that runs continuously has great potential to yield very significant cost savings.


Energy Survey

At Webb-Elec we offer a free site survey to look at key areas of your plant in order to assess the benefits of fitting an inverter drive and we can calculate the payback period for the cost and installation of the inverter. With the cost of electricity soaring the payback is often well under 1 year and then the savings mount up every year thereafter.



Furnace fans, air conditioning fans, cooling tower pumps & fans, heating pumps, booster pumps, circulation pumps etc.

Pretty much any application where you are moving air or water for a prolonged period of time.


We Provide The Solution!

  • A full site survey of all pump and fan motors
  • Recommendations for which motors to consider for energy saving
  • Recommendations for improved process control and alterations to duty cycle
  • Study and recording of energy consumption for each motor
  • Calculations of projected cost savings and return on investment
  • Supply & installation of variable speed inverter equipment and controls
  • Full commissioning of equipment and engineer training


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